Women's Athleisure Guide - How To Slay The Athleisure Look This 2022

Women's Athleisure Guide - How To Slay The Athleisure Look This 2022

Women’s Athleisure Guide: How To Slay The Athleisure Look This 2022

Athleisure, a clever combination of the terms "athletic" and "leisure," refers to athletic clothing that may be worn in non-athletic circumstances. The desire for comfortable clothing, the trend of athletic aesthetics, and the body-positive trend have all contributed to the popularity of fashion's athleisure concept. Athleisure apparel, which combines utility and style, has played a significant part in sportswear's rebirth on the fashion scene. It is a straightforward blend of design and usefulness that is appropriate for the gym, yoga, supermarket shopping, visiting a friend, and anything else. Women’s Athleisure is a trend that is appropriate for all demographics, sizes, and styles.

We all want to feel good about what we wear, and that includes comfy clothing that is easy to put on, and wear in different environments. Athleisure moves away from restrictive, uncomfortable clothing and instead prioritises comfort as well as style.

Athleisure is popular, and it's simple to see why. Our fast-paced existence necessitates clothes that are more comfortable and functional than ever before. How can we combine fashion and practicality to produce a fashionable but portable look? Athleisure is the solution. Women’s Athleisure breaks the barriers between what you wear to the gym and what you wear to brunch by changing workwear into daily wear.

Women’s athleisure is appealing since it is both functional and stylish. The informal and fashionable look blends activewear and apparel to produce a stylish and comfortable look. Women’s athleisure is more than a trend: it symbolizes a changed lifestyle, increasing health consciousness, a hectic schedule, and informal clothing. As a result, this athleisure is maintained in fashionable clothing and without exertion.

So, how can we slay the athleisure look this 2022?

• Experiment: The wonderful aspect of every fashion trend is that you can make it your own by experimenting, and athleisure fashion is no exception. A balanced style may be achieved by combining stylish attire such as jeans, leather jackets, or heels with activewear such as sneakers, sweatshirts, or sports bras. Try wearing Lily Mist leggings with stylish shoes. Then, with the correct accessories, you can complete your look.

• Accessorize: We get that you don't usually wear accessories to the gym, but accessorizing is an important element of athleisure. Less is more, so pick only the best things to complete your style. Wear a fashionable set of hoop earrings with Lily Mist's Yoga Pants and a muscle tee. This strikes a wonderful mix between seeming like you're on your way to the gym with a hint of the catwalk look.

• Mix Function With Fashion: Mix function with fashion to get the athleisure style, both in terms of the athleisure pieces you buy and how you incorporate them into your daily wardrobe. You may get a well-balanced style by combining fashion items such as a leather jacket or heels with athletic items such as yoga pants and/or leggings from Lily Mist, sneakers, or a sports bra.

With so many athleisure options available, looking beautiful and keeping comfy has never been easier. Take stock of your wardrobe and then begin to add some basic things to broaden your style. Incorporate these new items into your daily routine, and you'll be walking out the door with a new appearance and a new attitude in no time. It's an intriguing trend to try out and play with, and it's
likely to remain around for a long-time. There are no hard and fast rules for how to wear it, so like with anything else in fashion, understand the rules and then have fun defying them!