Why 4-Way Stretch In Your Leggings Is So Important

Why 4-Way Stretch In Your Leggings Is So Important

Not all leggings are created equal. If you're a legging lover, you've probably found this out the hard way when you bought a pair that felt more like a straight jacket than a smooth and buttery second skin. Stretchiness is essential because it's what helps your pair stand the test of time. For such a versatile piece of clothing, they need to be able to handle all of your daily activities. So what is it that makes super stretchy leggings so… stretchy?

What Is 4-Way Stretch?
The beauty of 4-way stretch is in the material's ability to stretch both lengthwise and widthwise while still being able to return to its original shape. Other materials may warp or even tear when stretched, ruining the garment. There are also materials like denim (think of your favorite pair of stiff mom-jeans) that offer no stretch at all and can even be pretty rigid. Most athletic wear is made of 4-way stretch, so you feel supported but not restricted during your chosen activity.

Why Is 4-Way Stretch Important?

While leggings were formerly reserved for workouts, today, they're an essential part of any wardrobe. Not only do they need to be comfortable while you're running on the treadmill, but they need to provide that same feeling while you're typing away at your desk or sitting through a 5-hour flight. Stretch is essential so you can feel just as comfortable at the airport or the office as you do at home.

Feeling comfortable during your workout is the key to making sure you don't get hurt. While you're transitioning through yoga poses, you need to be able to do so freely and without any resistance or discomfort. Stretchy leggings are important because the material needs to move as fluidly as you do to ensure that you're performing your best in every activity you do.

You put your leggings through a lot. Not only do they go through the same wear and tear as the rest of your clothing, but they’re also put through rigorous workouts that your jeans couldn't even dream of. They need to keep up with you on your hikes, during errands, and any spills they endure during your day to day. That means a lot more time spent going through the washing machine than anything else in your wardrobe. 4-way stretch makes your leggings last longer by helping them to keep bouncing back from the workouts and washes that they go through to keep you going.

Next time you're looking for leggings, make sure you're getting a super stretchy pair that can move with you, and that can handle your busy lifestyle. When it's time for your next pair, you can rest assured knowing that our leggings are made with premium 4-way stretch materials, so you never feel restricted while living your best life in our bold and vibrant patterns.