What Kind of Underwear to Wear with Yoga Pants?

What Kind of Underwear to Wear with Yoga Pants?
Ultimately, wear what you are most comfortable in. Cool, comfy, form-fitting underwear is a great choice.

One of the best styles to wear under yoga pants is usually a thong. Thongs are often the way to go if you want underwear that works with the natural shape of your body and won't give a visible line. But a seamless pair that suits your body can also work well and be very comfy to wear. However, not all underwear is created equal, so it's always important to opt for choices that work best for you. Quality underwear, with good stretch, can also ensure your ability to move freely and work through your poses whilst at yoga class or wherever you may be working out. The right choice of quality yoga pants can make or break your workout. Who wants to be uncomfortable whilst at yoga or active? We know how important it is to choose stretchy fabrics with premium materials for your yoga pants. The right underwear can also help. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are the way to go.

What's the point of wearing underwear under yoga pants?
It's all about supporting the body while providing a decent level of coverage to avoid exposure to the fabric.

What should you look for when buying underwear? Breathable material that has plenty of stretch with a great fit. There's no point choosing underwear that's too tight or restrictive.
Yoga pants are designed to be comfortable. So if your underwear isn't, that's not good.

Does yoga require you to wear underwear?
No! It's totally fine to go commando! Many people do.

Some prefer underwear for comfort. Pick a pair that don't ride up and that feel like a second skin and you won't even know they are there!
A fun tip for yoga class is to wear shorts under your leggings. The shorts will protect your legs from rubbing against your yoga pants, which is less than ideal. We love yoga pants for ease of movement, and we have been told our leggings and yoga pants are as comfy as it gets!
As a general rule, it can be good to wear underwear when you exercise. But whatever works best for keeping you cool and comfortable.

Whether you wear yoga pants for fitness, leisure purposes, the gym, work, school, or shopping, will impact your choices. It's important to know what you need for these activities. It's really judging what feels most right for you.

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