What Do Your Leggings Say About Your Personality? | Lily Mist

What Do Your Leggings Say About Your Personality? | Lily Mist

What Do Your Leggings Say About Your Personality?

So, how could your leggings choice possibly offer a clue to your personality? Good question! Let’s start with color.
Colors can motivate and energize, as well as affect your mood. For many, a bright, bold red inspires passion. For others a light green or blue may suggest peace and tranquility. Some people think that colors have such an effect on us that we not only see them but can sense them as well. In fact, colors can really affect your vibe.

Leggings Basics
We all need our leggings basics. The plain color leggings we can pull on and go. Black, blue, or dark-colored leggings, usually. But we can easily get stuck in a rut, always picking the same old boring style choices. We forget how versatile leggings can be. Not only are leggings comfortable but we can wear them just about anywhere. We don’t need to stick to a plain black pair of leggings. It is okay to pick a pair of leggings that are bold, bright, unique, or with a colorful new look!

Fun Workout Leggings
Make your workouts more fun, with a pair of leggings designed to reflect your personality. Lily Mist has a large selection of different leggings designs. Bolder, printed leggings can be a cool clothing choice to quickly update your look. But how to choose?

We’ve got you covered. Here’s our fun guide to help you pick the right pair of leggings for your personality!

Power Animal Leggings
Whether tiger, lion, elephant, wolf, or dolphin.
You are motivated! You have the ability for greatness and a strong desire for more.
You're adamant about getting what you want. You are dynamic, energetic, and you know what matters to you. You may also be someone with a lot of potential, or even be destined for prestige and power. You are self-sufficient and strong-willed, and you prefer to have control over yourself and your environment. You have a distinct sense of style and always keep things cool. You exemplify sophistication and fashion since it is reflected in everything you wear without trying to achieve a perfect look. Your animal themed leggings choice reveals confidence and makes you feel more powerful. If you relate to this, the Wolf Leggings, Roar Black & White Lion Leggings, or Pink Dolphin Leggings may be the ideal leggings for you!

Bright Colorful Leggings
You have a creative mind! Colors that are bright and vibrant help you feel more extroverted, alive, and involved with the world. You value aesthetics, unstructured hobbies, and diversity. You are drawn to uncommon individuals, places, textures, and noises. You have a bright personality and a lot of excitement, and you may frequently focus on a creative endeavor and forget about everything else. You see things that others don't, you're constantly full of fresh ideas, and you always wear the coolest leggings! Strawberry Leggings, Jungle Tiger Leggings, and Paradise Birds Leggings are the perfect leggings for artistic individuals like you!

Fun Printed Leggings
You're the life of the party! You prefer dancing over walking and would dance all the time if it were socially allowed. You're an extrovert who likes bright colors, eye-catching patterns, and partying. You create your own style and make dominating entrances. Your tastes are for one- of-a-kind dramatic statements, which frequently include bright colors, exotic patterns, and designs, and uncommon accessories and shapes. Your go-to items include geometry, animal patterns, and huge accessories. You are flashy and fascinating, and you exude independence and confidence.
You’re definitely a Cerise Pink Heart Shaped Leggings, Turquoise Blue Heart Shaped Leggings, & Sunset Palm Leggings  kind of person!

Light Simple Leggings
You enjoy having an optimistic presence! You are content because you are at ease with yourself, you are grateful to be alive, and you show compassion and attention to yourself and others. You are warm and pleasant, and you sincerely care about the well-being of others. You have a high level of empathy and can foresee others' needs and emotions. You are optimistic and confident, and you focus on the positive elements of a situation rather than the negative. You are dependable, responsible, and entirely trustworthy. The type of leggings that will surely fit you are the Maria Rosa Leggings, Baby Blue Love Leggings, Blush Love Leggings, and Untamed Leggings.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas on what new leggings may be right for you. Time to update your look?
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