The Looming Crisis Of The Endangered Sea Turtle

The Looming Crisis Of The Endangered Sea Turtle

The Looming Crisis of the Endangered Sea Turtle


The sea turtle is becoming an endangered species, and it could spell the end of some sea turtle species unless things change. The International Union for Conservation of Nature recently declared the sea turtle as being critically endangered, placing it just one step away from extinction. The move was prompted by a 25% decline in sea turtle populations over the past 10 years, and experts fear that there’s still no long-term plan to prevent the decline from getting worse.


There are 29 species, three of which have already gone extinct. They live in shallow, tropical waters and lay their eggs on land. Once they are born, they don’t eat for a year while they soak up calcium to build their shells. As you may be aware, sea turtles are incredibly fragile and any threat could be devastating. Since we know so little about them and how to protect them it is imperative that we work hard now to ensure that there will be sea turtles in our future!


With an estimated population over 70 million, humans are quickly becoming one of the most damaging factors in our ocean environments. The pollution, overfishing, and destruction of marine habitats to build harbors, parks, and other human developments are all pushing sea turtles towards extinction. Over 80% of sea turtle species are currently classified as endangered or vulnerable. This is why it’s crucial that we curb our carbon footprint to help reduce ocean acidification and protect marine ecosystems before it’s too late.


Sea turtles are essential to ocean ecosystems. As top predators, they help maintain a delicate balance in their marine habitats. This makes them an integral part of keeping our oceans healthy and functional. And though sea turtles have been around for millions of years, now their population is declining at an alarming rate. It’s estimated that sea turtle numbers are down by more than 95 percent since pre-Columbian times – with one species going extinct every 25 years. Clearly, something needs to be done before it’s too late... Before you become too sad: don't think that we're all doomed just yet; there's still hope if we act fast! That being said, it's pretty clear something needs to be done to prevent sea turtle extinction as soon as possible.