The Benefits Of Sea Turtles To Our Oceans

The Benefits Of Sea Turtles To Our Oceans

The Benefits of Sea Turtles to Our Oceans

There are many types of sea turtles, but they all play essential roles in the ecosystems of the oceans and coastlines where they live. What are some of these benefits? Let's look at three different species to find out how healthy oceans need sea turtles.

There are two primary benefits that sea turtles offer your ocean, and both directly relate to how they help keep your ocean clean: their diet and ability to move great distances. When sea turtles eat small creatures like crabs, shrimp, mollusks, and fish—they can eat up to 100 pounds a day—they consume those animals' waste products along with them. And when a turtle dives deep into the ocean floor for food, it stirs up silt as it swims. This adds extra oxygen into underwater environments where fish can live and breed more effectively, leading directly to a healthier ecosystem overall. While we hope our oceans will always be populated by sea turtles, helping them survive is essential for our Earth's longevity in addition to biodiversity conservation efforts!


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Because sea turtles are such a vital part of ocean ecosystems, they're also a keystone species that plays an essential role in maintaining their biodiversity and stability. If we lose them, whole food chains will be disrupted—plankton and algae that rely on sea turtles to eat their young won't survive without them around and may eventually die off themselves. Sea turtles also keep various populations in check, keeping things like red tides in control.

Sea turtles have lived on Earth for more than 100 million years and endured extreme climate changes, geology, and life on land and sea. Today, scientists are concerned that many of these graceful creatures could disappear within our lifetime due to human impact; some species face extinction in as little as ten years if nothing is done to stop their decline. The alarming rate at which sea turtles are disappearing has given rise to numerous organizations (many of them staffed by volunteers) working around the clock with a singular mission: saving sea turtles before it's too late!