Street Chic: 3 Ways To Turn Your Yoga Clothes Into Everyday Outfits

Street Chic: 3 Ways To Turn Your Yoga Clothes Into Everyday Outfits

Street Chic: 3 Ways To Turn Your Yoga Clothes Into Everyday Outfits


Who says yoga clothes and street clothes have to be so different? Yoga studios sometimes discourage their students from wearing street clothes in the studio, but that doesn’t mean your two wardrobes have to be completely disconnected. Here are three easy ways to make the transition between what you wear on the mat, and what you wear off of it, painless.


Wear Yoga Pants As Leggings

I know what you’re thinking – yoga pants as leggings? Isn’t that a bit too casual? But hear me out. Yoga pants are comfortable, practical, and can actually look quite stylish when paired with the right top and accessories. Plus, they’re perfect for running errands or heading to the gym.  Wear them with an oversized tee shirt for a laid-back weekend vibe, dress them up with heels and a blazer for work wear, or rock your yoga clothes at happy hour.


Tuck In A Shrug

A light sweater or shrug is the perfect way to take your yoga pants from the studio to the street. If you choose a solid color, you can even wear it as a top layer for a more formal look.


Wear A Button-Down Over Your Tank

A button-down shirt is a great way to add some coverage to your yoga outfit. You can leave it unbuttoned for a relaxed look, or button it up and add a belt for a more put-together appearance. Just make sure the shirt is long enough to cover your bottom.  If you have a skirt with pockets, throw on some sneakers instead of sandals: Skirts with pockets are an easy way to transition your comfortable yogi clothes into everyday life. Pair them with simple sneakers for comfort and style.


Layer A Long-Sleeve Tee Over A Tank

A great way to take your yoga clothes from the studio to the street is to layer a long-sleeve tee over a tank. This look is comfortable and stylish, and it will keep you warm when the temperature starts to drop. To make this look work, choose a long-sleeve tee that is fitted or cropped, so it doesn’t add too much bulk. Pair it with a tank in a complementary color, and you’re good to go.  Choose jeans or leggings for bottom coverage.

Another fun idea is to wear your favorite long-sleeve tee under your favorite tank top. Layer both pieces together for extra warmth, and then put on the outer layer of clothing when you're ready to leave the house! You can mix and match tanks with different sleeves lengths--they'll all look cute underneath your favorite lacy bralette. Just pair them with some distressed denim shorts, boots, and a crossbody bag to complete the look.


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