Making Time For Your Body And Mind

Making Time For Your Body And Mind
Our lives can often feel like a circus with the amount of daily juggling we have to do. Splitting your time between your career, relationships, hobbies, and daily tasks might have you forgetting to make time for yourself. It's essential for your mental and physical health to take the time to nurture your body and mind regularly. With everything going on in your life, you might need to go as far as scheduling that much-needed "me time" on your calendar so you can't overbook yourself.

Trust us when we say that we know how challenging it can be to focus on your overall wellness, which is why we're here today with simple ways to practice the kind of self-care that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.

Nourish Yourself
So often, food is something we do in a rush, and we don't always gravitate towards the healthiest choices when we're on the go. Getting more nutritious foods in your diet nourishes you from the inside out. Your body loves whole foods, and it especially loves to "eat the rainbow" of fruits and veggies that are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that make your body and mind happy. Rewarding your body and mind with nutritious foods will make them healthier and happier, making it easier to get through the day.

Get Some Rest
A good night's sleep is like hitting the reset button on your body and mind. Every time you stay up just one more hour to cram in a little more work or one more episode, you're robbing yourself of the incredible healing properties of sleep. Sleep heals your brain and provides you with a fresh start. A rested brain is a calmer brain that is more prepared to take on the day and face any challenges that may arise. It helps you make better and healthier decisions while also helping your body recover from your workouts. Make time for sleep, don't let it be an afterthought. A nighttime routine can help make sure that you are getting enough sleep. About 30 minutes before bed, put on some comfy leggings, your favorite sleepshirt, set the temperature of your home nice and cold, put your phone down, then get cozy in your bed with a book and wind down before slipping into a peaceful sleep.

Listen To Your Body
If you're feeling stressed, finding the right way to relax can be tricky. Sometimes we reach for chocolate or a glass of wine when really what we need is some quiet time alone to calm our minds. In these situations, yoga and guided meditation are your best friend. Having a comfortable yoga mat and a soft and stretchy pair of yoga pants is a great place to start. Guided meditation videos can talk you through whatever you're feeling and provide you with positive affirmations and helpful breathing techniques to clear your mind. Yoga has a similar effect in that focusing on your poses and your breath gives your mind something to focus on and your body something challenging to do.

Pencil in some "me time" on your calendar today. Whether it's meditation, making a healthy lunch, or getting in a quick nap, these simple forms of self-care can really have a positive impact on your overall health and happiness.