How to Wear Leggings To Work?

How to Wear Leggings To Work?

How To Wear Leggings To Work?

Leggings have made their way out of the gym and into our everyday wardrobes. The super-comfy clothing choice is hardly surprising. Not only are leggings easy to wear and as comfortable as it gets, but their versatility makes them suitable for most settings.

There once was a time wearing leggings may have been considered just for home or for fitness, but no longer. Not only are leggings a great choice for exercise, fun and athleisure, they can also be worn to work.

Leggings are more likely to be seen in the sportswear section rather than a store's business wear area, it’s true. Leggings are often worn for yoga, errands, and lounging on the couch, so they may not initially appear to be right for professional attire. There are, however, numerous ways to incorporate leggings into your office wardrobe. You can enjoy the ease and comfort of leggings while maintaining a professional appearance by selecting high-quality leggings, such as Lily Mist's leggings, and pairing them with work-appropriate pieces.

But, are leggings really suitable for the workplace? The answer is mostly dependent on where you work, however, wearing leggings to work is definitely getting more frequent and more acceptable. We'll go through when and how to wear and style these comfortable pants to work.

What you match leggings with is the key to transforming them from "activewear" to "office wear." Because leggings are tight and form-fitting, use a loose-fitting top to balance out your look. Wearing a shirt that, for instance, covers your behind and reaches your lower thigh creates a more modest, conservative style that is ideal for business settings. A blazer completes your style by bringing together a professional look and drawing attention to the upper part of your body.

How about a dress, paired with your favourite Lily Mist Leggings and some ankle boots? Another terrific idea for your office wear is to layer a sweater or denim jacket over a shift dress and leggings. If you have a favorite mini dress, consider pairing it with opaque leggings. Dark leggings, as opposed to see-through tights, will make the ensemble appear much more conservative. Consider leggings to be thick tights that may make even the shortest outfits appropriate for the office.

Don’t forget to accessorize! If you're still concerned that your leggings outfit isn't professional enough, consider adding a piece of statement jewelry to up the glam factor. Add a pop of color to your look with eye-catching jewelry. Layer a couple of long necklaces over a blouse, or pair your leggings and blazer with some large hoops. Leggings with an oversized sweater may appear too casual on their own. Put on a chunky statement necklace and you've gone from casual to trendy.

If you decide to wear leggings to work, think about how you can incorporate some formality into the rest of your outfit. Because leggings are more informal than other items of business apparel, complementing your look with effort in your hair and makeup, as an example, may make all the difference. Getting up a bit earlier to perfect your hair and makeup is certainly worth the sacrifice on days when you want to work in your leggings! A messy bun is a fine hairstyle for most days at the work, but maybe a messy bun with leggings and a t-shirt
could give the impression that you forgot it wasn't your day off! Combine the style of your attractive yet comfortable leggings with a polished look, and there will be no mistake that you came prepared to work the day away.

So, are you allowed to wear leggings to work? Yes! You can wear your favorite leggings to work as long as you keep it professional and follow the tips above. It all depends on where you work, and what rules may apply for your company’s dress code. But if you have some flexibility in your work wardrobe choices, and simply have to look smart, leggings can definitely be a great choice.
It is totally possible to wear your leggings while retaining a professional image by considering your overall outfit and focusing on a professional look, leggings included!