How To Wear Bold Leggings And Stand Out

How To Wear Bold Leggings And Stand Out
You're one of a kind. You're perfectly unique, and there's no one else out there like you. So then why would you dress like everyone else? It's time to stand out, not blend in! We firmly believe that everyone deserves to shine and to express themselves through their fashion which is why we chose to make leggings, the most comfortable clothing in the world, and turn them into a fashion statement. We were inspired by every woman's unique personality and wanted to give them the opportunity to embrace their individuality and confidence through bold and vibrant athletic wear.

Why We Love Boldly Patterned Leggings

Normal is Boring!

Out of one million pairs of plain black leggings, we want to be the bright floral pair or the unique tribal print that stands apart from the rest. We offer a wide variety of designs, including animal, floral, and geometric prints, just to name a few, because we know how much fun it is to change up your wardrobe depending on your mood. You're a unique individual, and now you can show that off with unique designs that showcase your vibrant personality.

Get Noticed

Has anyone ever complimented your plain white t-shirt? We didn't think so. Wearing exciting patterns is a fun way to say, "this is me!” They make great conversation starters and you're sure to get compliments for your uniquely bold style.

Feel Inspired

Wearing a great outfit can make you feel unstoppable. A pair of leggings that make you feel confident and proud can inspire you to push yourself through that exhausting workout or challenging hike. When you put them on, you might even feel yourself wanting to workout when you hadn’t planned to in the first place. Feeling great inspires greatness.

Just The Beginning

If you've always been a little reserved with your fashion but find yourself wanting to have more fun with it, playing with your athleticwear is a great way to start. Showing up to brunch in bright neon leggings might be a little intimidating at first so experimenting while you're at the gym can feel a little easier. You'll be so excited when you catch yourself in the mirror looking so spectacular that you'll want to wear the outfits longer than just your gym session!

How To Wear Bold Leggings

While wearing striking athletic wear for a workout can make you feel powerful and confident, your beautiful patterned leggings aren't only for the gym. Since they're so versatile and incredibly flattering, you can wear them in a fun variety of ways that spice up your outfits for nearly any occasion.

Feminine Look For Brunch

You can pair one of our beautiful floral patterns with a delicate tunic top or cardigan to create a super feminine and elegant look that still makes a statement. Going with a white or black top will complement your vibrant choice of bottoms, or you can match your top to one of the colors in the pattern of your leggings to really tie the whole outfit together.

Showstopper Vibes For A Night Out

A fun night out with a date or friends is a great time to stand out, especially when everyone else is wearing simple black attire. A pair of chic animal print leggings will look spectacular with a little black top and a cropped leather jacket. Not only is this look incredibly stylish, but you'll be rocking the most comfortable look on the dancefloor.

Casual Yet Bold For Errands

When you're running errands, you really just want to be comfortable. Who has time to think of a trendy outfit to wear to the grocery store? A bold pair of geometric leggings is all you need. They take care of the comfortable and trendy part for you, all you need is a plain shirt with a distressed denim jacket, and you'll look like you just stepped right out of a trendy fashion magazine.

We feel that expressing yourself through fashion is one of the most exciting ways to share your personality with the world. When it comes to bold fashion, the sky's the limit, and you'll feel so confident wearing unique and distinctive styles that set you apart from everyone else. With our variety of patterns and designs, you can genuinely become a trendsetter among your friends. No matter which pattern you choose, rock your look with confidence, and everyone will notice how you radiate from within.