Salsa Bachata Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 | Lily Mist Sunset Palm Tree Leggings

Lily Mist Sunset Palm Tree Yoga Leggings

Bachata is a Dominican Republic dance that is currently one of the trendiest Latin dances. It is slower-paced and focuses on developing a stronger bond with your partner. Along with Salsa and Merengue, this is one of the most enjoyable dances to perform in clubs and parties. These Sunset Palm Tree Leggings bring a tropical vibe.

This video will show you how to dance the Bachata step by step. The step-by-step strategy prepares you to learn steps while also making you feel good during the learning process. The suggestions will prepare you to feel at ease both on and off the dance floor.

These Lily Mist Heart Shaped Leggings featured in the video are vibrant, sustainably made, and handcrafted to order leggings. Perfect for dancing but also suited to, gym, fitness or just lounging at home. These lovely tropical palm tree leggings are available at: