Winter Fitness Activities

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Winter Fitness Activities

Winter - snowy, scenic and magical, or freezing, frosty and no fun? Whatever your feelings on the winter weather, it can definitely make an impact on anyone's fitness routine. We're at home more, the heating is on, and we may not be getting out or active as much as usual.

When the winter season arrives, it can be challenging to maintain our healthy lifestyles.
When it comes to workout gear, the chilly weather may make our activewear wardrobe less of a priority.

On the one hand, we're trying to look as good as a celebrity wearing their workout gear; on the other hand, the cold season has us sticking to cardigans, sweaters and cosy blankets to keep us warm!

Whilst its totally fine to relax at home, it's important to keep active, even through winter. A fun, sporty outfit, with a comfy pair of leggings could be just what you need to keep on track.

There are plenty of ways to stay fit and active in colder weather.

That's right, running. There might be a chill in the air, but even in winter, you can put on your sneakers to go for a run. You may have to adjust your routine and outfit, but running remains a great fitness activity.
Nonetheless, before running, keep in mind to adopt the 3-layer technique: a breathable garment, an insulating garment, and a protective layer.

An indoor and outdoor activity that offers tons of health and physical benefits, yoga is the ideal exercise that helps you stay warm and fit.
A major step to achieving a great yoga pose is putting on fitting yoga pants. Our Lily Mist yoga pants are soft, smooth and come in a flexible fabric that gives you the freedom to get into any yoga pose. In addition, yoga is a fantastic way to exercise in the cold weather.

Ice Skating
There’s no better winter sport than an ice sport! Ice skating is a beneficial winter sport that promotes the development of balance and coordination. In addition, it tones the buttocks! As a bonus, you could also share this activity with your family, regardless of their age.

Skiing is an ideal recreational and sport activity to burn calories and build up muscles. The sport involves using the whole of your body which promotes tons of physical and health benefits.
Although skiing can be a little pricey due to the cost of tickets and skiing gear, the good news is you can practice this exercise for free at a park and still stay fit.
Our leggings are the perfect skiing outfit for warmth, comfort, and a touch of fashion.

Regardless of your choice of fitness activity, always keep in mind to wear layers of winter-protective clothing.
Our women’s leggings and yoga pants provide you with comfort and warmth, taking you to the next level of healthy and fit.