Why You Should Wear A Sports Bra When Working Out

Woman Wearing A White Sports Bra And Green Leggings Working Out

Why You Should Wear A Sports Bra When Working Out

Sports bras matter. Physical activity can mean breasts bounce when working out. Soreness, discomfort, and sagging can come from continuous and repetitive movements.

Sports bras are designed to limit this this. The epidermis and Cooper's ligaments (ligaments near the breast that give it its size and form) can break down and cause drooping if not properly supported.

Everyone, regardless of breast size, feels bouncing during physical activity. As a result, every woman, regardless of size, should wear a sports bra while jogging or exercising.

According to experts, wearing a sports bra can minimize breast movement and bounce by up to 75% compared to wearing a regular bra, which can only reduce it by up to 35%. Isn't that the main consideration when choosing a sports bra for your gym attire? 

Reduce Exercise Pain and Discomfort

Wearing a supportive and well-fitting sports bra can help improve your workout efficiency and enjoyment. To ensure you're wearing a well-fitting sports bra, read the blog Things To Think About When Choosing A Sports Bra.

A decent sports bra will limit breast movement, resulting in reduced pain and discomfort. Sweat-wicking materials are also used to make good sports bras. This helps keep you dry and comfortable while exercising and reduce chafing issues that might occur while wearing a "damp" bra for extended periods of time.

To Prevent Long-Term Damage and Sagging

 A supportive and well-fitting sports bra will protect your breasts while also minimizing soft tissue and Cooper's Ligament damage.

As a result, the breast support supplied by your sports bra is crucial. Particularly with regard to physical activity. Even the smallest cup sizes can sustain lasting tissue damage if they are not properly supported.

When undertaking any type of activity, including walking and yoga, you should consider wearing a sports bra

The wrong bra can also restrict your movement and cause you to overheat. The right sports bra will minimize bouncing and provide support. Sports bras are designed to provide support and minimize movement. They’re usually made from breathable materials that help you feel comfortable and cool. Lily Mist make our sports bras from only high-quality fabric that does exactly that. If you’re not sure what size to get, please take a few minutes to measure yourself to ensure the right fit. A little time on this can really help make a difference to how you feel and the support your sports bra offers.

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