What Should You Wear To Go With Lily Mist Fun Print Leggings?

What Should You Wear To Go With Lily Mist Fun Print Leggings?

What Should You Wear To Go With Lily Mist Fun Print Leggings?

Leggings are versatile in addition to being comfy. Leggings can be worn with a long tunic in the spring, a cardigan in the fall, and a coat in the winter. Change the shoes you wear with your leggings from flats to heels to get from casual to formal. Let's talk about what to wear with leggings in terms of shirts, sweaters, dresses, and shoes.



Long shirts are ideal for pairing with leggings. They offer excellent coverage while also making your attire appear sophisticated and classy. Avoid shirts that are too tight or too short. A button-down, somewhat longer shirt is an ideal example of a shirt that may be paired with leggings to make a lovely spring look.

Light-flowing shirts are ideal for wearing with leggings. They strike an excellent balance between form-fitting leggings and a light top. Long shirts made of silk, polyester, or rayon are ideal. Use your leggings to add color, patterns, and dimension to your fashion look! Pair your leggings with a plain shirt or paisley, flowery, striped, or polka dot shirt depending on your leggings.

Wear a long shirt with dark leggings for a dressy or business casual look. Wear leggings with a chambray shirt and a comfortable boyfriend tee for relaxed days or a road trip. You can finish off this casual leggings ensemble with a pair of shoes, or boots. Leggings are the most comfortable and fashionable choice for lengthy periods of sitting. Depending on the temperature in the car or outside, you can take off or add to the layers.



Some of our favorite outfits include long sweaters and leggings! This is not only a simple but also fashionable attire! Pair your dark leggings with a gray, white, colorful, or even off-white patterned cardigan.

Here are a few fashion suggestions to keep in mind when putting together your outfit. Play with colors and patterns for the shirt you wear under your long sweater. You can wear a form-fitting or shorter shirt because you'll be layering a long sweater over it. You don't want your shirt to be the same length as your sweater since it will look overly big and out of place. Wear a shorter shirt, perhaps ending at your hips or little higher.

Wear a plain shirt with your leggings and a long jumper, no button-downs or anything with too much texture. The shirt's simplicity protects your leggings ensemble from being too much or too thick. Consider clean lines and proper proportions.

Leggings with an oversized cardigan and high boots are a traditional fall look that is also warm and comfortable. The heft of the sweater balances out the leggings' narrowness. Choose a patterned pair of leggings, or a mustard color, for a pop of color and pair with a plain cardigan. This outfit is elegant and comfy, and it's a good way to wear leggings in the winter.



A dress with leggings can work well depending on your dress and fashion look. If you're thinking about wearing leggings with a dress, try on a few different leggings options for your outfit and think about the occasion in advance to make sure you look your best.



Leggings are, first and foremost, casual apparel, so stick to more casual shoe alternatives like flats, sneakers, converse, low ankle boots, and so on. A lovely flat is a great casual option to pair with leggings. The flat shoes can be ornamented or patterned, with a point or round toe (gotta love a good leopard print!). However, avoid wearing flats with an ankle strap or numerous straps that wrap around the ankle. The strap will wrap over the end of your leggings, giving them an odd, awkward appearance.

For chilly weather, rain, and snow, boots look great with leggings. Leggings can be worn with flat, wedged, or heeled boots. If you're headed to the snow, you can pair your leggings with snow boots.

Pair your leggings with heels if you want to spice them up! Pumps are ideal for a leggings attire for a night out or for work. Black pointy-toe black heels are appropriate for both day and night and create a classic look.



We hope this leggings style guide has solved many of your questions about what to wear with leggings. Now you can put together your own fun ensembles with leggings.