What Characteristics Define The Ideal Pair Of Leggings?

What Characteristics Define The Ideal Pair Of Leggings?

What Characteristics Define The Ideal Pair Of Leggings?


The Ideal Rise

High-waisted leggings are super popular right now, and for good reason. They go with practically anything. Pair them with your fave crop top for a yoga class or with your cutest oversized knit sweater for that fall trek to the market. High-waisted leggings are great for movement because the waistband is generally constructed of fabric rather than elastic. They glide together with you. The high waist is extra supportive and typically very flattering.

Stretchable To Perfection

Determining the perfect fabric combination can be difficult. Leggings should be comprised of a comfortable fabric that offers exceptional stretchability and recovery. Active people need to be able to run around, climb, and work out in leggings that don't limit their range of motion.


High-quality fabric designed for leggings is ideal for a night out, a spin class, or a hike. This is where fabric blends shine and cotton fall short. Cotton breathes well but absorbs and holds moisture, which means damp clothes stick to you while you cycle or work out. This is especially concerning if you're out in the cold.

Some spandex polyester blends are specifically designed to draw moisture away from the body and allow it to escape through the cloth. This is why most sportswear, whether for the gym or the great outdoors is made of synthetic fibers. Synthetics are rapid drying and easy to care for.


Anyone who loves leggings understands the thrill of finding the best pair ever and wanting them in every color and design possible! Finding that perfect fit only to realize that the leggings are only available in grey is not fun. We all need them in basic colors like grey and black, but who doesn't like fun prints and cool designs in the gym?


There are leggings for almost everyone out there. Whereas many of us struggle with jeans (the hip to waist ratio or the thighs to waist ratio), the stretch in leggings allows them to fit a wide range of body shapes. Our leggings stretch across the leg as well as up and down the body. We've even had customers tell us our leggings make fantastic pregnancy wear since the waistband is accommodating to growing tummies!


Basic leggings are fine, but many people like the quality features that make a pair more unique or useful for an active lifestyle. Double-stitched seams allow for extra flexibility without the need to wear much underneath. They also increase the durability of the leggings. Soft, smooth, fabric makes our leggings so comfortable you will barely know you are wearing anything at all! We all want leggings that are more comfortable and convenient in everyday life.