The Perfect Plus Size Leggings For You - Athleisure Is In!

The Perfect Plus Size Leggings For You - Athleisure Is In!

We’ve seen some pretty questionable fashion trends over the years that were just downright uncomfortable. Who had the idea for low-rise jeans?! This time around, leggings are at the center of the fashion world, and we couldn’t be happier. The most comfortable, versatile, and flattering clothing item on the planet is no longer just reserved for a workout. The best part, this trend is size-inclusive, and there is such a spectacular variety of fashionable and functional options for straight size and plus size women.

If you’re a plus-size gal looking for tips on how to style the most comfortable trend to date, look no further!

Buy The Right Size
This might seem obvious, but athleisure is sometimes in a realm of its own when it comes to sizing. Take your measurements and use sizing charts to ensure you’re getting the right fit. A loose pair of leggings won’t give that coveted smoothing effect that a pair of form-fitting ones do so well, and a size too small will not only be uncomfortable, but they tend to cause bumps, lumps, and rolls where you might not want them. Lily Mist leggings are super stretchy, and easy to wear. Our leggings feel beautifully soft, like a second skin. But please do measure and check sizes to ensure the absolutely perfect fit.

What’s The Occasion?
There are two main types of leggings, fashion, and sportswear. While they’re pretty interchangeable, fabric, style, moisture-wicking, quality and comfort can vary. It’s best to have a few pairs of leggings, so you’re not wearing through any of them too quickly.

Fashion: Wearing leggings as fashion is the new normal. Here are just a few ideas for some trendy plus-size outfits :

Pair your yoga pants with a plain white tee and a denim or leather jacket along with some white sneakers for a casual look.

If you’re going for a more sporty look, pair your leggings with a hooded sweater dress or a cropped hoodie and an edgy crossbody bag.

Getting dressed up for brunch? A long tunic style blouse or a fitted blazer with a pair of leggings and heels is a great way to show off those curves while still being comfortable.

Function: While sportswear leggings can also come in exciting and fun patterns and colors, they are designed with exercise in mind. You’ll want to find plus-size leggings that are moisture-wicking have good stretch, offer good support, and come in a style or color that makes you feel confident. Our high-waisted yoga pants can be particularly comfortable and versatile. Make sure you love how you look in the pieces, so you’re excited to grab them from your closet for a workout.

Be Bold
We’re going to assume you’ve got at least one pair of plain black leggings in your closet, so for this next purchase, go bold! Blending into the background is so last year, and big, bold colors and vibrant patterns are in. Workout clothes used to be so dull, but now they don’t have to be, and every workout or athleisure outfit is just another way to make a statement and express yourself through your wardrobe.

Grab a Pair Today!
Women have started saying “no” to uncomfortable fashion, and that’s why we think this trend is here to stay. There are a ton of great designs and styles available so that anyone looking for plus-size leggings is sure to find something that makes them feel confident and comfortable. Fitness and fashion are for all bodies, which is why we carry a wide range of sizes in our store.