The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Help Endangered Sea-Turtles

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Help Endangered Sea-Turtles

The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Help Endangered Sea-Turtles 


Did you know that sea-turtles face extinction in the next fifty years? That’s frightening news, but it’s not too late to help save them. The most important thing you can do to help them survive is learn how to take simple actions that make a difference. Keep reading to find out more! 



Protect Nesting Areas 


The most important thing you can do to help endangered sea turtles is to protect their nesting areas. That means keeping them and their eggs safe from humans, dogs, insects, raccoons, and other predators that would like nothing more than a sea turtle snack. One good way to do that is by supporting conservation efforts—and there are some simple ways you can get involved. Many organizations offer online petitions for you to sign in support of specific animals. This not only helps give these animals a fighting chance but also shows others how you feel about them and what actions you’d like them to take. 



Don’t Disturb Nests While They Hatch 


It’s important to note that there are a number of laws and regulations in place designed to help protect these animals. In most coastal communities, for example, approaching nests too closely (within three or four feet) is illegal. If you spot an endangered sea turtle nest, keep your distance—and don’t go near it at night. This protects both you and the hatchlings from harm. Make sure you know where sea turtle nesting areas are in your community and avoid them during hatching season. 



Support Your Local Marine Conservation Group 


Many people want to help endangered sea turtles but don’t know how. One of your best ways to do that is to donate money or supplies to a local marine conservation group. Often, these groups rely on private donations and public support; without these funds, they may have trouble carrying out important research and rescue missions. If you’re really passionate about helping sea turtles, you could even consider starting your own chapter! A good way to start is by getting in touch with an established organization, like The Sea Turtle Conservancy. For example, if there’s no group dedicated specifically toward rescuing Kemp's ridley sea turtles in your area, it might be worth reaching out and asking how you can get started with a new chapter. These organizations need our help.



Teach People About the Real World Impacts of Seafood Consumption 


Your first step in helping endangered sea turtles is to get people talking about the real impacts of seafood consumption. They need to understand how their food choices affect not only sea turtles, but also fish stocks and oceans worldwide. Did you know that over 80% of seabird species are currently threatened by our consumption of fish? If more people knew that they could help save sea turtles by possibly making some small changes to their diet, we would be so much closer to protecting these beautiful creatures. Only then can we talk about steps we can take as individuals, communities and a country to protect them even further.