How To Make Your Leggings Last

How To Make Your Leggings Last

How Can I Make My Leggings Last?

When it comes to everyday wear, we women adore leggings! We may wear them with tunics, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even beneath our most beautiful attire! We're smitten with how light they are and the flexibility of mobility they provide. And, sure, we adore that they look just as good in the campus cafeteria as they do in the gym! Casual clothes have grown common for workwear, leisure, and fitness equally throughout the years. However, despite their flexibility and stretchiness, they are not indestructible. Because we're all curious about how to make our leggings last longer, here are some simple strategies to get the most out of your favorite pair!

• Don’t Overwash Them! Wash your leggings only when absolutely essential - the less you wash an item, the longer it will last. Leggings may be worn a couple of times before needing to be washed as long as you're not excessively sweating or working out.

• Be Careful With Detergent. You may believe that the more cleaning detergent you apply, the cleaner your clothes would be. No, not exactly. The excess detergent may stick to your leggings, leaving them with a film of soap that will hamper any sweat-wicking properties and make your leggings feel substantially less soft.

• Avoid Fabric Softeners. Most fabric softeners include silicone, which isn’t great for spandex and other high-performance fabrics. That silicone can leave a film on your leggings, impairing their capacity to absorb sweat and limiting the fabric's breathability.

• Hand Wash With Care. When washing your favorite leggings, massage any deodorizing or cleaning chemicals into the fabric with your hands rather than a brush. Also, avoid ringing your leggings to remove extra water. Instead, push the cloth frequently against the edge of the washing machine until you've extracted as much as necessary.

• Don’t Put Your Leggings In The Dryer. The dryer may harm elastic materials and even distort the fibers, causing your leggings to no longer fit perfectly. Instead, drape your leggings over a washing rack, a clothesline, or even your shower curtain rod to dry. However, keep them away from direct sunshine, since this will simply degrade the gorgeous bright colors you've got going on.