5 Types Of Long Tops To Wear With Leggings

5 Types Of Long Tops To Wear With Leggings

5 Types Of Long Tops To Wear With Leggings

Wearing leggings has become standard, we wear them everywhere. But finding the perfect top to wear with them is an ongoing struggle. Leggings  can look great for casual wear or going out, when paired with long tops that cover your derriere and create an overall flattering look. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of five top options that could be your go-to tops for leggings outfits!


Loose Chunky Sweaters

Thick and cozy sweaters are popular for everyone. They are also great if you have a body type that carries weight around their midsection and you prefer to accentuate your legs or other areas of the body. Chunky sweaters can make leggings appear more flattering since they will not cling at all, provided you purchase a good-quality sweater made from high-quality fibers. If you have fuller thighs or hips, ensure your top is long enough to cover them up but short enough so it doesn't look baggy. For example, an asymmetrical hemline or one slightly longer in the back would be perfect for someone who has ample hips and loves wearing leggings because they won't emphasize them. Or, if you find yourself with extra fabric on top, just tuck it into your pants to give your waistline definition.

Crop Cardigans

Crop cardigans are an amazing style staple that are highly functional and versatile. For one, they can be worn on their own during milder weather or layered on top of tank tops and tees in cooler temperatures. Not only are they so soft and comfortable, but there are so many different patterns you can find, making it even more fun! Crop cardigans come in every color imaginable and a variety of fabrics as well. No matter what season it is, you'll always be able to match your outfit with a cropped cardigan! Crop cardigans even work well with bright printed leggings, just match or contrast accordingly.

Lace Shirts

A lace shirt is a cool way to complete your legging ensemble. Pair with a distressed jean jacket for more interest. Lace shirts are feminine and beautiful but also trendy and fashionable. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing them on red carpets and in photos. If you want something edgy, try pairing a lace shirt with a statement jackets like a bomber or leather moto. Also, keep an eye out for lace tops that you can wear as outerwear--these add an unexpected twist when worn over your leggings.

Off-The-Shoulder Shirts

The off-the-shoulder shirt is a wardrobe staple, but only if it fits properly. Sometimes a mistake can be made with off-the-shoulder tops if wearing them without anything underneath. Off the shoulder shirts can be alluring, but not when they expose your bra strap and you end up spending all night adjusting the straps! In order for an off-the-shoulder top to look good and feel comfortable, try wearing a pushup bra that has padding on top and in between your breasts. If you're feeling extra bold, try these tops without a bra—just make sure you have one that's supportive and seamless enough to wear underneath. 

However, this top is great for leggings and a pair of booties. It adds a dash of style and sexiness to an otherwise understated ensemble, making it one of our favorite ways to wear leggings. We love how off-the-shoulder tops elongate your neckline, which draws attention away from your midsection—where your tummy may show when wearing snug bottoms. 

Boho Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are awesome because they can be as boho or formal as you want them to be. If you're going for a more casual look, throw on some wedges and a crochet hat, and you're good to go. But even if your maxi dress is super casual, it's easy to take it up a notch with cute accessories like jewelry or scarves. Boho maxi dresses are especially great because they look awesome with leggings. Pairing these two wardrobe essentials together has never been easier than it is today.

For those who don't feel like a full-blown sweater or shirt, long tops are an easy and flattering way to stay warm and cover your legs. Unlike hoodies, though, long tops typically won't create too much bulk in your silhouette. Try going for bolder options when picking out leggings to wear with long tops. Plain colors may be easier to match up with different colors of tops, but if you really want to stand out and shake up your look, why not try a pair of bright printed leggings  for a fun look.

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